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A Unit of Energy saved is a Penny earned

What we do

. Designing (energy saving solutions for Hotels, Residential & Commercial Buildings.)
. Supply (of different energy saving systems).
. Testing & commissioning (of Energy saving systems).
. Technical Sales & After sales support
. Maintenance contract support

Energy Saving Solutions

For Hotels, Residential & Commercial Buildings
Providing the following solutions for saving Energy
• Lighting Control System
• Dimming Control System
• Home Automation System
• Guest Room Management System
• Stand alone Systems

Lighting Control System (LCS)

With Lighting Control system you can minimize the energy consumption of the buildings by switching on and off the lights based on occupancy via motion sensors or by lux level sensors based on day light inside the buildings. Also the lights can be controlled based on preset time schedules via timer modules.

Dimming Control System (DCS):

Using Dimming Controls we can increase and decrease the brightness level of the lights inside the rooms and thereby creating different ambient levels as per the requirement of the user. Usage of dimmer controls in villas and apartments also reduces the power consumption which in turn is money saving for the client. We can provide you with different kind of dimmer switches which will suite to the aesthetics and luxury of your home.

Home Automation system (HAS):

One touch from your Smart Phones, Tabs, PC’s , Intelligent Switches and Intelligent touch Screens controls the lights, blinds/Curtains, AC’s and Music of your Rooms. With different intelligent control modules we get you the control of Lights, Curtains, AC’s and music in the room at your fingertips. The system not only gives the ease of controlling but also helps in high-energy consumption.

Guest Room Management System (GRMS)

We can offer you the GRMS solution with a fully integrated system interface to Hotel Property Management System. We integrate the following systems via our GRMS
• Lights
• Curtains/Blinds
• AC’s
• Access Control
• DND/MUR Controls

Standalone Systems:

When you have existing building or villa and still you want save energy, we suggest you to go for following standalone systems.
• Motion sensors
• Zigbee/RF based Dimmer&Light Switches.
• Contactor Timer Modules
• Conventional Photo Cells.